Constructions and Disclosures

“Up” is one of the first truths. It tells us where we are in the world. It’s where our gods live. In many ways it’s what we base our sense of reality on. Of course, up is relative and an illusion of perspective but one we need to maintain as we hurtle, blindly through space. The objects in these photographs are familiar to people: buildings in New York City. The aesthetics of architecture ask us to view them in from one perspective and photographs of buildings, historically, are relentlessly desperate to maintain this perspective. In this work, simple changes to the compositions transform the landscape into an interplay of abstract and geometric forms but in the mind’s attempt to discern “up” millions of tons of steel and concrete appear to become unmoored. Released from “up” we can reconsider the aesthetics of architecture and while ignoring the laws of physics and our nagging sense of reality.